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This man called me names, he said I am stupid. He said I am ignorant, he said I am useless because I don’t know why I am called a Biafran. He called me all manner of names when I listen to his thunderous voice when I was frustrated and subjugated. When i lost hope in this world. This
man did not pet me! He forced love, hope
happiness and life into me. He promise me that he will never leave me astray even if it will cost his life seeing me happy again only if I believe and stand by him. And he proved it to us .he is still in detention because of you and me!! This man have been in pain for the past two months
because of us!!! This man taught me how to be fearless in front of my enemy . This man made me to cry like a baby the first day I heard his voice echoing in my heart burning down the stupidity in me. He rebranded me to speak the truth at all time. He let me know why I am existing till today .. He told me what my father didn’t tell me, he told me what my teacher that I paid money to, but was afraid to teach me that, this man told me what my pastor that I gave tight and offering every Sunday couldn’t tell me. This man stood up, sacrifice his life and family just to speak on my behalf. This man cry everyday because of me!!! People hate you because you call us names, but I love you so darely because you called me names.
When I was a baby my parent do flog me, called me names because of my mistakes… I thought that they hated me but i later found out that they loved me most! Because the bible says that he whom his father cautioned that means he is full of love!! People may wish you death. But Ipob prayers and love will keep you alive… My question is ARE WE GOING TO DISAPPOINT THIS MAN THAT REQUEST FOR OUR FREEDOM?? My leader,my master,my teacher,my mentor and messiah I will forever love you. I promise to continue where you stopped for the past two months until you come back to us. i promise to remain resolute no matter how had they try… BUT, WE WILL ALL DIE IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO YOU! BECAUSE WITHOUT BIAFRA LIFE IS MEANINGLESS! WE WILL NEVER FORGIVE THEM IF WE SEE ANY SPOT ON YOUR BODY. We must continue!! We shall fight until you are out from that prison! We shall fight until you are freed!! we will never stop until our freedom is achieved!! We must be chanting until you mount the Flagg of victory in biafra land!!.