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Posted by on Jan 14, 2016 in Buying Guides, Handmade | 0 comments

Hand Held Drill Press for Home Projects

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The Portapress is a machine planned to transform your hand drill in a drill press, creating the chore of drilling metallic stress-free and protected in support of the worker. The HHDP1 is prepared primarily of 6061 aluminum, rendering it durable and weightless, merely 4 lbs. Moreover, remaining as a sturdy vigor apparatus, it is furthermore a meticulousness apparatus, permitting you to drill conventional cavities by means of slight to no working. HHDP1 is intended to suit maximum hand drills by a customary 1-7/8″ collar shaft, plus a classic ratchet together with a 3/4″ plug.


Product Features

  • Strong: Delivers you the power of a drill press in your claps
  • Small: Fixes into close-fitting points through a 12″ drill blow in a jiffy for extended increases
  • Weightless: Built chiefly of 6061 aluminum, balances simply 4 pounds, plus drill besides ratchet
  • Security: Thwarts harm by decreasing drill lockup, which can bend the workers hand as well as wrist
  • Prolong Bit Time: Through exactly adjusting force to pace, you would acquire extra usage on the bits

Technical Details

  • Quantity Amount: HHDP1
  • Article Mass: 4 pounds
  • Produce Measurements: 20 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Article Style Amount: HHDP1
  • Shade: Natural
  • Matter: 6061 Aluminum, Carbon Steel, UHMW
  • Control Basis: Physical
  • Article Packet Amount: 1
  • Distinct Characters: Handy

Advantages of Using Drill Press

It provides several noteworthy benefits:

  • The primary pro of a drill press is the subject’s precision. The model of it sanctions it to drill at exact directions to the design fragment.
  • It is likewise adept at drilling holes of matching distance, mass and site.
  • Once functioning through it, a reduced amount of exertion is necessary to utilize the drill to the product section.
  • The route is far securer, since the drill lockup is convenient.
  • The holes can be bored continually and precisely.
  • It is an incredibly concrete preference for boring holes into timber. They render drilling calmness, besides assisting woodworkers to attain better precision, regularly gotten in some woodworker’s yard.
  • It delivers decent adaptability, being equipped of undertaking further than merely drilling holes.
  • It arrives with a light weight body that protects a woodworker’s verve. A drill press’s influential power similarly allows consuming exceptionally big drill bits for broader holes.
  • It is responsible for beneficial functionality and assists woodworkers to correctly drill pointed holes. This capability to drill at slants is one more plus of it.
  • It is capable of also being consumed for drilling hollows in furniture supports and supplementary complicatedly fashioned sections of wood.
  • An additional imperative assistance of it is the protection and safekeeping it conveys.
  • Woodworkers have respectable knowledge of the drill bit, as a result of the constant work efforts done every day for hours on. This leads to guarantee the wellbeing of the maneuver, avoiding the drill bit to halt in the course of practice.
  • It is compact in size and naturally becomes handy to use. The small size and light weight automatically produce precise and power driven holes in the object of your work, and you receive excellent finishing in no time at all.

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