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Posted by on Jul 14, 2016 in DIY, Electronic, Hack Speed, Lifestyle | 0 comments

Routes to Follow To Get Rid Of the Governor on an Electric Golf Cart

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So, you might be feeling like a bit of a daredevil and someone may have informed you that you can take off the governor from your electric golf cart for making it run in a speedier way. However, the unfortunate news is that there is no governor present on an electric golf cart, but the happy news is that there are numerous choices available to fulfill your need for speed.

The Benefit of More Voltage

The primary choice you need to adapt to, in order to make your cart go faster is to swap the electronic speed control. This will allow you more voltage to give in to the motor, creating the needed outcomes.

How a Large Resistor Can Come Handy

Another option will be to work a large resistor in parallel to the field winding that is installed from the factory. This will source the motor to rotate at a greater rpm, which makes the cart faster eventually. The setback of this option is that excessive wear and tear can take place on the motor, which could probably affects its longevity. You will need to be extremely sensible before you decide on utilizing this option.

The Problem Associated With Speed Control

You also have the choice of replacing the motor, by picking up a more high-performing unit. Though, if you decide to follow this route, you will most possibly have to swap the speed control along with it, which means you’ll need to spend more generally.

A Fairly Easy Method

A justly uncomplicated method will be to go and change the usual rims on the cart with the bigger ones. The rpm offered to the tires will eventually stay constant but they will be able to cover more distance. The only trade-off here is that what you will get in mph will be surrendered in the low-end pick-up.

Alter the Gear to Reach High Speed

The last but not the least is the choice to alter the gear in the back end of the cart as this is the most logical option here. The factory gear usually has a ratio of 12.5:1, which lets the cart to obtain somewhere between 14mph. If you change the factory gear with the one that has a gear ratio of 8:1, you will be able to up your top end to around 20 mph.

Tips and Warnings You Must Keep In Mind

It must be kept in mind that the golf cart you are attempting to make speedier might not be crafted to do so. Try to think upon the options wisely and always stick to caution, whenever you are driving a golf cart at any speed. Bear in mind that golf carts do not come with seat belts, air bags or other precautionary equipment that you can easily discover in automobiles.

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